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hoof071 : Zaklanie - Zhalnik

Artist / Country:
Zaklanie / Russia, USA
Double CD
Sublime Recapitulation Music
Tracks / Duration:
1 Track / 77 Minutes & 1 Track / 77 Minutes
Release Date:
Dec. 2013
A collaboration project between a Russian female artist V. Mengele (Pentadrvg, Azylum, etc.) and a US musician C. Maillet (Cryostasium, Witch Tomb, etc.). This 1-track / 77-minutes album is dedicated to a Russian vocalist Natassja Svlt, who had been prominent in the local Black Metal scene but died quite young in February 2013. Abstract, stark, and shamanic Black Ambient filled with male groan, female whispering (by Natassja), and ritual instruments that freezes your blood and plunges a stake through your brain to lead you to liberation of the soul. Disc 2 is a remixed version by Mhnunrrn from Czech Republic.